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Marmaris Touristic Places


Marmaris Touristic Tours

You can find too many traces of other cultures and glorious remainders that show the each term of the history with its long coast, many bays, natural port, antique cities and dense pine woods around the city.

Marmaris is one of the most ideal holiday town for swimming and every kind of water sports and yachting with its natural port that is beside of pine woods, the architecture of the beach surrounded by pine trees and unique beaches and the sea that seems crystal. Marmaris is one of the leading touristic centres of yatching of Aegean. With its pine trees, it is known as green Marmaris among the public. Marmaris has got marinas that have too many yachts come from all around the world with its naturally preserved port and seaport. Marmaris also serves too many facilitations to tourists beside of its natural beauties.

Marmaris Tourist Guide

Even Marmaris always shows its respect and love to both natives and foreign tourists. You can spend your night in the active pubs, discos or night clubs on “ Pubs’ Street” of Marmaris after you eat your dinner in the restaurants of Marmaris or on the sea side. You can fulfill your holiday in Marmaris by environment tours that offer too many choices. These are full time or part time tours, canoe tours, horse – tours, walking, yacht tours, village tours, jeep, safari tours and Efes, Pamukkale, Dalyan and Kaunos tours. Marmaris and its surroundings are proud of the sides and bays of Marmaris that looks like a lace.The blue of the sky and the blue of the sea integrate with the green of the woods. Nature displays the most  wonderful views that an eye can see. Natural beauties can not be seen only in a few months but also during the whole year for the visitors that love the nature.

Marmaris Touristic Tours,

The history of Marmaris is really rich with its beautiful nature when it is considered as an archeological structure that lights the history. Beside of the natural beauty of the area, Historical Karya and innumerable antique cities attract the tourists and bear the heritage to nowadays. Antique cities that can be visited by the daily tours reflect the Anatolia’s  cultural heritage  in Aegean and Mediterranean.

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