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Antalya General Information


Antalya General Information Turkey’s holiday city of Antalya, by becaming the owner of archaeological and natural beauty, taked the name of “Turkish Riviera”. Holiday city Antalya where conbined has the best beaches in the world. Antalya where has been conbined the sea, sun, history and nature orderly as a miracle, has the best clear and beautiful beaches in the world for holiday makers of Turkey.

Antalya Holiday

For holiday makers who came to discover the best holidays at Turkey holidays in the world, will find more than their wait from a holiday. There are antique cities, antique seaports, monument tombs, loch as lace, beaches, green forests and rivers along the 630 m. longest beaches of Turkey’s holiday city of Antalya.

A sweet edge Kaleiçi with the boulevard decorated by palms, the harbour with international price, traditional architecture and with modern areas, Antalya became as one of the most modern area in Turkey for Turket tourism by becaming Turkey tourism centre. On the other hand by holiday makers who came to Turkey for Turkey holidays to Antalya will see how a wonderful holiday area. Antalya was always a houseowner to the holiday makers and tourist with Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festical, International Beach Volleyball, Triathlon, Golf Competition, Archery, Tennis, Sky Competition esc. activities. In 1995 by opened the Antalya Culture Centre, was a houseowner with plastic arts, music, theatre, exhibition and other lots of cultural and architectural ativities until tourism has been start in Turkey.

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