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Kuşadası General İnformation


Kuşadası General İnformation The Aegean coastline is home to the unique township of Kusadasi, which is very popular amongst Tourists. It was a rural village in the 1970’s and was originally a tourist destination for local Turkish people. In the next 2 decades, it was developed to attract foreign tourists. The number of tourists visiting Kusadasi during summers increases its entire population by ten times. The population of this stylish township is around 50,000 and is very much modern and European in design.

Kuşadası Tourists

Kusadasi relies heavily on tourists holidaying on cruise ships as a source of their income. Cruise ships packed with tourists arrive at the local ports during summers. This results in increasing the total population of this township to approximately 500,000 residents. Kusadasi is situated between Bodrum in the south and Izmir in the north and hence is preferred by many tourists arriving from Northern part of Europe. Also, a large number of locals migrate to Kusadasi every year to find employment opportunities in the service industry resulting in an increase in the population.
Kasudasi is very well connected with its neighboring towns and cities as well as the rest of the country. The closest airports are the Izmir and the Bodrum International airports while the nearest sea port is the Greek island of Samos which has ferries leaving on a daily basis for Kasudasi. It is also surrounded by the astonishing Turquoise Bay at the front and the Kaz Dagi Mountains at the back.

The Kasudasi port was founded in 3000 B.C and is now a major port in this part of the country and was developed to meet the demands of the increasing number of cruise ships docking here. It has been the centre of attraction for many a centuries and has served as a major as well as minor stop over point for ships crossing the Aegean coast. During the ancient times of great civilizations, merchants and their caravans traveling from the east to the west towards the Orient, used to stop at Kasudasi, making it the final port along the route. Later, during the Middle Age, Kusadasi became a favorite destination for pirates seeking shelter, who operated in the surrounding seas.

The fortress used by the pirate captain Barbarossa, as a base for his men is located on a small island very near to the harbor and is considered as one of the most prominent landmarks in the history of Kusadasi. Roofing Cranbury Nj . seo . Buy LCD TVs . Other historical and significant landmarks present in this area are the Artemis and Apollon temple, the Basilica of St. Jean, house of the Virgin Mary and Caravanserai, the ancient city of Ephesus, and the Seven Sleepers.

Kusadasi continues to grow as a tourist destination meeting the demands of both local and foreign tourists along with real estate investors. There are several options available for sailing, water sports and golf for the entertainment of the tourists who come here. The government is also constructing several golf courses in addition to the ones currently in existence to provide a range of options for golf lovers. Kasudasi is also home to many hotels, bars and restaurants, and several beach clubs but still retains its rich and diversified cultural heritage and traditions.

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