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About North Cyprus and Cyprus Cities


About Lefkoşa

Lefkoşa is the only one city of Cyprus that does not have the sea side for Northern Cyprus holiday makers and also it is the capital city of Northern Cyprus. When we consider the other cities’ holiday centers, Lefkoşa is a passive city eventhough the other Cyprus cities to get more fun Northern Cypus holiday. But it is a place that should be visited because of lots of historical buildings for holiday makers, maybe to get spetial Cyprus photo. It is the common city of both the Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. You can benefit your holidays from the facilities and special offers of the Cyprus hotels or hotel and even you can benefit from the free Cyprus hotel campaigns of the hotels or hotel , you know in Northern Cyprus.

You can follow the special offers of the North Cyprus hotels from the web sites and also by the www.turkeyholiday.com.tr address which has been done to compare all North Cyprus hotels by hotels’ prices, holiday facilities, spetial hotel offers and so on. You can have the North Cyprus holiday or holidays of your dreams in the Northern Cyprus famouse hotels where the special offers are organized fort the aim of making the holidays makers’ holiday or holidays more enjoyable.

You will not regret when you come to the Northern Cyprus where there are too many holiday facilities arranged for the holiday makers who come from every part of the world for their needed holidays .To let you to have a wonderful holiday and also holidays with the economical prices in Northern Cyprus, we will give all information what you need about Cyprus hotels . North Cyprus is famous because of it’s hotels. You will understand and see what is the differences of Norht Cyprus holiday hotels to other holiday hotels. You can have your real holiday and so holidays at Cyprus island that will fascinate you as the Mediterranean’s pearl with it’s historical,architectural structural proporties. We are giving guaranty to you to come again and again to North Cyprus for other holidays, too.You can ask before North Cyprus holiday makers.

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