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North Cyprus Great City of Kyrenia`s History


North Cyprus Great City of Kyrenia`s History As you know or as you heard the best city of Northern Cyprus is Kyrenia . Kyrenia`s the other name is Girne , also . It has founded by Achaean settlers in the 10 th century B.C. It has known until too many years before . Northern Cyprus City of Kyrenia knonw by it`s valuable earth because of it`s geographical condition.


If it is neccessary to say about who came and who was living in Northern Cyprus city of Kyrenia , firstly the Byzantines lived in . They did lots of historical buildings in North Cyprus they are on foot now also as they had been built today . After the Byzantines the Lusignans came to the North Cyprus and later on Venetians . The historical buildings also keeped and new ones had been built.

By the time British settled down and they built a harbour in Kyrenia where is very famouse now , and Quay were built. Then Ottomans caughted the Northern Cyprus . Ottomans had built the mosques . Kyrenia was the city of Norhern Cyprus as an ideal living city so on the familes settled down . Today the holiday makers who come to their Northern Cyprus holidays loves the Kyrenia too much and also they are planning to live at the Norhern Cyprus for their all life when they saw it`s picturesque and romantic atmosphere.

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