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North Cyprus Holidays, Kyrenia Beaches Travel


North Cyprus Holidays, Kyrenia Beaches Travel The Northern Cyprus`s unique city of Kyrenia has really many beautiful and natural beaches where you can have enjoyable day in the hot weather during your holiday or holidays in Northern Cyprus. All of them are famouse by their blue and clear water as Escape, Alagadi beach, Sunset beach, Mare Monte and many other rocky and at deep sand beaches. Don`t forget that the Cyprus beaches famouse with their gold sand of Mediterranean.

The sea and sand so clear that there are lots of the beaches at the Northern Cyprus`s city of Kyrenia which are hadn`t been touched yet . Don`t you want to discover them and to be spetial for you?

The Northern Cyprus famouse beaches have the clear water at one corner , at the middle gold sands with the flovers of great cigdems and at the other corner green area by the trees and beautiful flowers !! Could you imagine how is it better? Get a relax to lying on the Northern Cyprus beaches between green and blue area by the plentiful oxygen .


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