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Northern Cyprus Hz.Ömer Türbe


Northern Cyprus Hz.Ömer Türbe Hz. Ömer Tomb and Mosque is one of the most important visiting and vow places of Cyprus. The building is 4 km east of Kyrenia and on the edge of Çatalköy. There are tombs of the seven unknown fighter for the Islamic faith. Tombs belong to Hz. Ömer,one of the Muaviye army commander and his six friends. They died for Islam beside tihs tomb. ( A. C. ) The dead bodies of them were buried in to the cave of there. Some rumors claim that this tomb were built as a “Makam Tomb” to strengthen the Islam in Cyprus. According to other rumours, the remainder of the dead bodies were burnt to the place of today after the qonquest of Cyprus by Ottoman. Then a mosque and tomb were built so Hz. Ömer name was given to this tomb.

Hz. Ömer Tomb was invaded and sacked after Greek attacks in 1963. The tomb was announced as a military zone and the entrance of the Turks to the Tomb was banned. The tomb lost its qualifications partially with the unconsciously restoration of the building in 1978 after the destruction of Greeks and the flash in 1974.

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