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Riding West Of Kyrenia Towards Guzelyurt


Riding West Of Kyrenia Towards Guzelyurt Heading towards the 14 miles west from Kyrenia , you will reach the climb to 5 famlibel. Through wind direction and temperature on the day, this climb can be different ways. There is a good sight-seeing area about two thirds of the way up this recently resurfaced climb offering union views of the Gecitkoy reservoir in the Northern Cyprus. The road passes through a great, green-lined, undulating and twisting section, before dropping towards the plateau of Guzelyurt. There is a alternative to enjoy a fresh orange juice from road-side stalls in Guzelyurt, a fertile citrus growing area with colourful laden trees testament to the area in the all picking season in Northern Cyprus to get your Northern Cyprus holidays union.And also on the road it is possible to sea restored Roman theatre. You can climb also by yourself wher you want but every choses you will get a surprise of Northern Cyprus hiistory eventhough top of the mountain

There are kots of alternative in Northern Cyprus which we couldn`t write all of them here like mountain bike routes from Baspinar to Karsiaka . That is favourite route one. The other is Gecitkoy Reservoir.Circling Gecitkoy reservoir is starting in the anti-clockwise direction from above the reservoir dam wall, you’ll reach a fork left over a small water ford in winter, or off to the right.

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