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Top Sights in İstanbul


Top Sights in İstanbul, things to do in Istanbul at the beginning of the history of our country, Istanbul is the eyeball of the world, a historical and holy city. This city has hosted many civilizations. This city has become the capital With its historical and natural beauties, there is a distinct beauty to live and visit here. The list of places in Istanbul contains information about the city and the many places to visit. If you list the places in Istanbul that you should visit, and the places that you should see in these unique neighborhoods, you will find places in European and Anatolian cities.

The List Of Places To See In Istanbul

Where that can answer the question in more detail and to guarantee sights in Istanbul, we’ve created with places and squares to see, we have a detailed list of places to prepare to visit in Istanbul for those who want to visit Istanbul from start to finish , We have created a list of places you can visit and visit many places in this city. Relevant historical places in Istanbul with places with this list, mosques to see, museums, parks and places to visit in Istanbul, including in the most touristic places. You can click on the detail pages about the places and places in the list and you can reach the address and transport information.

Information about historical places, museums and important places in Istanbul. More detailed information, pictures, transport information, and details of the places on the list were provided in the article. At the same time we have sections on other places in Istanbul at the bottom of our list to visit. We are now on our list for the most beautiful places in Istanbul. There are places on the list, places to visit by car, or the most beautiful places to visit by public transport.

Information about Hagia Sophia

The emperor Constantius built 360 the first church. In 404, the ensuing popular uprising was burned and finally destroyed. From today there is no relic of the first church. Emperor II Theodosios rebuilt the church in 415. The second built church was built as a monumental entrance with a wooden roof. History Nike Revolt has experienced a second time destruction as a result of popular uprisings during the past 532 years.

Hagia Sophia, known today, was built by Emperor Justinianos in 537 and the ceremony and worship were opened. In the Temple of Emperor Justinianos, Hz. Referring to the Solomon, O Solomon I give, ‘is reported by the historians who cried. In this third church; There are two narthexes, one outer and one inner, one Apzisse and three Nephi. Columns and marble were brought from old city ruins such as Ephesus and Tarsus. Marble from the island of Marmara, Afyon, Eğriboz Island and Africa was also used in magnificent architecture. Because of the court church, the Hagia Sophia during the Roman period, that is, a place of coronation of the emperor.

In 1453, Sultan Mehmed II was conquered Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia converted into a mosque. After the conquest strengthened the structure, manufactured by Mimar Sinan Minarets with supporting structure under the shelter of the building to contribute to the function. During the Ottoman period, the Hagia Sophia, pulpit, altar, the sermon chair, muezzin lodges and maksure was built. Suleiman the Magnificent, brought with him on his return from the expedition of Buda, bronze oil lamp as a gift of the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Hagia Sophia, according to the decision of the Cabinet, has been converted into a museum. Translated into Hagia Sophia Museum, visit on February 1, 1935 was opened.

Hagia Sophia Museum opening hours

The Hagia Sophia Museum visit times is divided into two groups: summer and winter season.

As the summer season between 01 November, 15 April; 09:00 – 19:00

As the winter season between November 01, April 15; 09:00 – 17:00

Eminonu, what can you do and visit places

Eminönü, one of the most historic districts of Istanbul, is located within the city walls. During the Ottoman period, this area is named by the sea customs and customs of the region to participate in the Eminönü after him. In the first years of the republican period, Fatih district of Istanbul is the most central district along with. In the first periods, when it was recognized as a district, it was designated as a district of at least a hundred dimensions from Istanbul to the islands. Eminönü district was built on an area of 5 square kilometers and consists of exactly 33 neighborhoods. The population of the region continued to increase until the year 1955, even when it began to lose and then region habitat become a feature of a business district and that has led to the reduction of population in the area. The last census calls the population of the region 55,548.

List of places to visit Eminönü

Since the region is located on the historic peninsula of Istanbul, there are many historic buildings to visit. In these mosques, libraries, mansions and museums. But most of the tourist spots are the Egyptian Bazaar. One of the city’s oldest bazaars, where you can shop and shop, the Egyptian Bazaar opens its doors every year to domestic and foreign visitors. The bazaar is located behind the New Mosque and

next to the flower market. The bazaar is known for its shopkeeper. Here you will find various spices, various plant seeds and roots, dried fruit varieties and various delicatessen products.

The bazaar is open daily for the guests. At the same time, the bazaar was built in 1660 by Turhan Sultan. A legend says that after the market today and during the Byzantine period, another one and market known as the name Marko Envalos adjacent. Also in the area of the new mosque, Hidayet mosque, Zeynep Sultan mosque, Alay Pavilion, Hünkar Pavilion, great post and reform museums, cited constructs, the master library you can see. PTT Museum of Telephone, Telegraph and Mail materials that are in use in the past year are on display and the museum are the school trips with the function.

You can also visit the Nuruosmaniye Library and visit the 1749 mausoleum located at the entrance of the Grand Bazaar. 3. Osman and 1. Mahmut Sultan, with the exception of personal book of 79 pieces belong to this manuscript book You can make a tour in history. The Hünkar Castle, where you can visit the area, is also where the New Mosque ends and has incredible views and magical atmosphere around it. The pavilion was built in the 17th century and at the same time creates an unmistakable appearance with over 10,000 Iznik tiles.

The Galata Bridge in Eminönü is one of the places to see. Located in fishing or enjoy the spectacular views of the historic peninsula.

How can you go, Taksim?

Taksim is located in the district of Beyoğlu in the province of Istanbul and is located in the tourist areas of Istanbul. Istiklal Street, in Beyoglu, is still one of Turkey’s most famous streets, connecting through a tunnel to Taksim. This road, which is 1400 meters long, forms the main axis of the Beyoğlu district. The street, which has nine separate districts, has been important since the 19th century.

What’s in Istiklal street?

İstiklal street can also be expressed as a large-scale garment. Accessories, lingerie, bags, banners, dresses and jeweler’s shops make up more than half of the shops on the street. There are also plenty of fast food buffets on the street, desserts, seafood restaurants, burgers and puddings. Apart from that, the Istiklal Café houses bars, folklore houses, Fasil bars and bazaars. Cultural centers such as cinemas, art galleries, book houses and theaters are also on the street.

What Can You Do in Istiklal Street?

It is possible to participate in artistic activities in Istiklal street. From the theater to the art gallery, from the cinema to the book houses, there are many cultural activities in this street. You can shop for your personal tastes from the on-street shopping malls and enjoy delicious dishes in various restaurants or cafés. You can also take part in events organized in chapters, bars and folklore houses.

Where and How to Get to Istiklal Street?

It is located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul province. It is necessary to reach Taksim to go for İstiklal street. Taksim Square at one end and the other end of the inlet at Karakoy Station. For this reason, it is necessary to reach Taksim Square to get to Istiklal Street. If a private transport is considered, the E5 direction should be followed and the Aksaray Unkapanı exit should be made and the direction to Şişhane-Taksim should continue.

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s  Tower is an architectural work built during the 2nd Mehmet period. The Maiden’s Tower, which has the Ottoman and Byzantine architecture, is in its present form Sultan II. It was given by Mahmut. In the Greek era, the tower, which houses a landscape, was used as a customs post during the Byzantine period. In the Ottoman period, he served in many areas such as the demonstration platform, the exile station, the defense fortress and the quarantine room. However, it has never lost the duty to guide the ships whose main task it is, and this duty is not important.

The Legend Of The Maiden’s Tower

There are various myths and stories about the construction of the Maiden’s Tower. After one of them a young man named Leandros, Aphrodite was married in love with a nun, Hero, but hero in love is prohibited. The nun named Hero lives in the Maiden’s Tower. Leandros swims every night with the goal of seeing Hero and heads to the Girl’s Tower. Hero Leandros is fired every night with the intention of sighting. One night, when it was a storm, this fire goes out and Leandros loses his way and dies in the waters of the strait. Hero can not stand this pain and commits suicide.

In another legend, the king of the city is told by a fortune-teller that his daughter will die by poisoning the end of the serpent thrust. The king places her daughter in this tower by building a tower in the rocks in the Salacak openings to protect her daughter. One day, however, the snake comes out of a basket of fruit brought into the tower by the city and kills the girl with stigma and poison. Battalgazi, in the form of the last legend, falls in love with Tekfur’s daughter. Tekfur, who does not want to give her daughter Battalgazi, puts her daughter in the tower, but Battalgazi manages to tow the tower and takes her away.

The Restaurant of The Maiden’s Tower

You can enjoy a good breakfast or a good dinner in the restaurant, accompanied by a beautiful view of the Bosphorus 365 days a year. You can choose this wonderful place for special occasions, you do not need a reservation for breakfast, while you have to make a reservation for dinner. There is a restaurant and a cafeteria on the ground floor. On the top floor you can drink your drinks in the splendid panoramic view of the city. With panoramic views over the city on the top floor and enjoy your drinks.

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