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Beauties of Antalya – Popular places of Antalya


We have compiled some sightseeing places in Antalya for you. Popular places of Antalya

Culture Center

The opening of the Antalya Capacity Center, the architecture of which began in 1992, was completed in 1996. In a 9000 beats aboveboard bankrupt area, it has two capital saloons named Perge and Aspendos.
Perge Saloon is an alehouse for 448 persons; it is possible to hold conferences, concomitant translations, tables, alcove orchestra blazons of events.
Aspendos Saloon is an 817-persons saloon; it is possible to conduct all kinds of theatre, polyphonic music, ballet, concert, cinema and appointment events. Aspendos Saloon is an acoustic saloon with its every way. It is possible to perform after the show and in the absence of the orchestra; All kinds of polyphonic musicals can be performed.
In Antalya Skill Center accession; there are artisan bathrobe apartments, blow rooms, apartment management, fair saloons and two pastry shops.
The hot and algid air-conditioning, which is part of many of the avant-garde centers of Turkey, was embraced by the blaze aegis systems that guard the saloons throughout all areas. The complete and ablaze systems were able to be accepted at the stages in the saloons with the accompaniment of art technology.

Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center

On 1 October 1997, Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center, which has become the characteristic of Antalya, was opened and the XI Apple Forestry Congress was the aboriginal event it hosted.

GlassPyramid isanatomy that sits aboveboard and has two floors, allegedly known as the basement and arena floor. The top is covered by a black thermo roof with even amplitude. At Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center, there is a 2500-persons Toros Saloon, a 440-persons Meltem Saloon and a 330-persons Duden Saloon. With 1500 angle capacity,Toros Saloon that has been responsible for appointment and congress, fair and specialization fairs can be organized. All saloons can accompany the art complete and ablaze systems with an accompaniment.
A black thermo-even amplitude roof is covered at the top of the arena attic. There are four annular adornment pools in 2500 m2 space right at the alfresco of the anatomy and the architecture is in the middle of these pools. In four altered directions, there are four abstracted entrances to the architecture by the bridges over the pools.

Toros Saloon with an appliance breadth is getting acclimated as appointment and fair organizations in the middle of the access attic. It has a basement accommodation of 2400 bodies in the appointment advised appliance at scope stands. There is an attainability of setting fair in fair purpose appliance. There is a complete, ablaze and angel arrangement in the saloon capable of recognizing all kinds of needs. Assorted graphics, animations and shows can be performed during the organization at the gigantic awning in the middle of the saloon. Besides, adaptable accompanying adaptation cabins are available.
For appointment and affair purposes, the Meltem Saloon can be acclimated with 440 non-anchored bench accommodations and adaptable adaptation cabins. To be acclimated in affairs and conferences, there is an accompaniment of the art abstruse accessories in the saloon.

Having 340 non-anchored bench capacities and four adaptable accompanying adaptation cabins, Duden Saloon can be acclimated for appointment and affair purposes. During the activities in the saloons, the abstruse types of equipment may authoritatively complete an angel manual. There are two saloons at our center with 50 being capacity. Based on demand, these saloons may remain as affair rooms, art gallery, columnist allowance and cafeteria.

In GlassPyramid for disabled people, there are an elevatorand toilet. The additional sections central to the building are Foyer, VIP room, doctor’s room, buffet, checkroom, account kitchen and abstruse sections. There are ten semi-accessible fair areas at the accessible fair width alleged to be a king’s alley that is transmitted over a width of 15,000 meters above board.

There is a parking lot with 500 car accommodation in association with the pyramid that can be accommodated as an open fair field. The European Animate Union award for the year 1999 was given to GlassPyramid. (The European Animate branch, whose address is in the middle of Brussels, awards architecture, functionality at the time of application, animation of architectural designs at the level of technology and efficiency.)

Aspendos Jazz Festival

Antalya Nothingness Celebration is an open-air theater of unparalleled physics and Aspendos is a scenic city and hosts the world-class nothingness players and band fete on nice summer days.Apodeicticin Turkey, the art of this image is sacred to history and tradition. From 20 to 24 July, soldiers held the Antalya Transnational Jazz Celebration in the city. The Antalya Blues Festival will gather jazz lovers from around mankind, according to the Ministry of Culture and the Republic of Turkey, under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism. Aspendos in Antalya, the tourist capital with the most important social properties, one of the nominees and the locale, thanks to the international spot for its festivals. Aspendos is a ride, the daydream of countless artists, fictional art of lighting ancient house and unreal true and spectacular pilot device honesty. Worthwhile of its celebrity, the venue presents army tens of thousands of jazz enthusiasts from all corners of the earth over a five-day celebration, of education, instrument on the coach in the ten respectable and influential jazz performers.

On July 20, Monica Molina’s fascinating conception with performances staring multi-method is set to course and Mahomet Ikiz with China Moses rises to the top in the earth to modify An Tali Dweller Earth Orchestra, Nino Katamadze and Fahir Atakoğlu with nothingness trinity slip.Although the Nothingness in July is the Aspendos concept in the first two years, it is hoped that a perm fast activity will become a popular festival and after that one will become the domain’s superior Global Nothingness Celebration. Celebration income on circular festivity tickets is accessible through the orbicular business acting from www.biletix.com, combined in the event itself with the localized ticket office.

Kurşunlu Falls Nature Park

In the Mediterranean province of Antalya district limits, the Kurşunlu Falls Nature Park is located. The Antalya Nature Park is 22 km away. The following Natural Park can be reached from 8 km of road, deviating from Antalya – Aksu Highway north in Soğucaksu towards the bridge. Because of its healthy forest structure, 394 hectares of the area was declared a Natural Park in 1991, so that the region’s rich social and interesting plants and water rocks fall in the form of Kurşunlu unity, creating unique natural landscape features.

The main species in the region is cluster pine and the tree is among the small groups, for instance, East plane tree, laurel, carob tree, wild olive, mastic tree, willow tree and the fig tree. Like a guava tree, the bottom flora is formed by Mediterranean medlar, oleander, blackberry plants, wild rose, spurge tree, willow, spruce tree, chestnut oak, thyme, wild mint, beech, fern and ivy. Water plants ought to be observed, etc.; antlers, water mint, bamboo (water), water lamp, lily of green water.

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