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General Information About Bodrum


Bodrum Information

Bodrum is a district located in the west of Muğla. Famous white lime-covered stone houses and indigo doors-windows, bays, warm, peaceful people are the first to come to mind when you think of Bodrum. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, and every year, welcomes both Turkish and foreign tourists. Bodrum is seen as a peaceful escape location for all seasons. Travelers can have a quiet and peaceful holiday in this region and also have fun in the crowd. It appeals to many different requests with these aspects.

Bodrum Information

Where is Bodrum?

In the Aegean region, Bodrum is a peninsula that borders Milas to the east and protrudes into the sea after Milas, with the Aegean Sea on its north, east and south sides. Bodrum has an area of 689 km2 and a coast of 215 km with its many resorts.

When to go?

Although the usual understanding is to go to Bodrum during the summer months, it depends on your expectations when you go to Bodrum. Bodrum welcomes tourists with a peaceful and enjoyable life in all seasons.

In the hot summer months, the sea, sand sun and sparkling nightlife can be appealing. This idea is also supported by the colorful Bodrum summer festivals. Concerts, sailing races, dance shows that last summer can be quite interesting. However, in the summer months, Bodrum is full because everyone thinks it’s quite charming. This district, which is preferred by both Turkish and foreign tourists host more than its capacity each year. For this reason, hotels and other accommodations may be reserved in a short period of time and travelers should make reservations in advance.

Spring months, especially the months at the beginning and end of the summer, are also very preferred times for those who start their holidays early, extend their holidays or go on holiday only in September. If you do not like crowded places, it can be preferred in the spring and autumn months as it will still be warm enough. Even travelers can come to Bodrum if they are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to relax in the winter. It may be a good option, especially in January, when the Mandarin Festival is held, or in February, when the Gündoğan Sausage and Wine Festival is held.

How to go?

You can come with your vehicle, bus or plane to Bodrum. Air transport to the district is provided from Milas-Bodrum Airport. It’s 32 kilometers away from Bodrum. You can get to the center from the airport by taxi, car rental or airport shuttle service. It will take about 35 minutes. After reaching the town of Bodrum, a car can be rented to travel around easily.

Where to stay?

It will be more appropriate to choose among the wide variety of accommodation options in Bodrum according to your expectations. The type of settlement of the Mediterranean is seen in Bodrum in terms of both geographical features and structuring. Muğla Province, in which Bodrum is affiliated, offers a lot of accommodation options as it has the most popular holiday destinations in the Aegean Region. One of the most important things you need to know is that if you stay in the summer, you’ll make a reservation a few months in advance. Bodrum prices are a bit expensive, but there are a lot of different options. All-inclusive hotels are the right choice for those who do not have a budget problem and want a comfortable vacation. It might be appropriate to rent a large house for large groups. For those who want to stay in a cheaper place, the service is provided by apartments or hostels. Prices also vary depending on where you want to stay.

One of the first choices to come to mind would be to stay somewhere in the center of Bodrum. You also can walk to a bazaar that will not lose its vitality in any hour. If you have a car and the place where you stay offers to park, you can have fun in the center day and night without having to worry about parking. You can easily reach the beaches when you stay in the center by minibuses departing from the bus terminal. However, if you stay in the center, it should be kept in mind that the surroundings are going to be crowded.

You can list the other places you can choose to stay in Bodrum as follows: Torba, Gümbet, Türkbükü, Akyarlar, Gündoğan, Bardakçı Bay, Yaliciflik, Ortakent, Turgutreis etc. These regions are offered to tourists with a wide range of hotel and hostel options. They can be determined according to the expectations of the vacationers, their budget and the places they will visit. Gümbet is one of the most preferred regions after the center, with its distance of three kilometers from the center of Bodrum and its development in recent years. Nightlife is a very interesting factor for those who want to stay here. Bitez is one of the most popular spots with its beaches and nightlife. It’s 4 km west of downtown Bodrum. There are also delicious and inexpensive restaurants in the city. Akyarlar offers many light-colored beach options for sea lovers, unlike places with colorful nightlife. In this region, 5-star hotels and hostels are concentrated in particular.

Turgutreis region is first known for its windsurfers. With its 5 km long beaches and luxury hotels, it attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. The marina called D-Marin, which is an organization, a restaurant, a bar and a shopping center, is located here. Gümüşlük is one of the quiet places of Bodrum. It may be the choice of those who want to stay relatively far from the nightlife. Yalıkavak makes a name for itself with a rapidly growing popularity. A refreshing breeze and long beaches may be the main reason for your stay here. Although there are options that appeal to different budgets, they are particularly suitable for tourists who want luxury holidays. Göltürkbükü is a region where yachts are anchored, its calm surroundings and many fish restaurants with a beautiful sea. It’s going to be a good place to stay for those who want to get away from the city and get some rest.

Bodrum Attractions

Bodrum has many places to visit in its center, with its bays, resorts and historic and cultural assets. Local and foreign tourists flock to beaches, streets, historical places and concert-festival venues. Whether you plan a short or long-term vacation in Bodrum, you can discover new places or find new things to do. Bodrum offers its visitors several alternatives, regardless of age or culture.

In Bodrum, a district where you can find both history, art and entertainment, the sights to visit include Bodrum Castle and Rabbit Island with its unique view, Bodrum Bays with its beautiful waters, Underwater Archeological Museum full of historical values, Pedasa Ancient City, Myndos Gate, Ancient Theater, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, Zeki Müren Museum.


Bitez, located in the south of Bodrum, is one of the regions that attract the most tourists with its natural view. Although Bodrum has many bays, beaches and towns, Bitez is one of the most popular tourists in many ways. Bitez Beach also has a 200-meter-long public beach in the shape of a half moon, drawing attention with its cleanliness and Blue Flag award. The sea is calm and smooth, it does not deepen all of a sudden. Several water sports can be done. Minibuses from the center can be reached. It’s going to be very suitable for those who want to escape from the crowd in central Bodrum. But despite the calm of the day, the nightlife is still active. An ice cream unique to Bodrum is sold in Bitez, it is the most popular thing after its beautiful beach. You can come to Bitez by taking the minibus from the bus station in Bodrum center, and you should know that you will not have parking problems if you come with your vehicle.

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Gümüşlük Bay is famous for its fish restaurants and one of the most attractive places in Bodrum. Local people called it because of the silver coins, thinking there’s a silver mine here. It’s pretty crowded in the summer season. You can come to Gümüşlük for a walk, listen to the music in the cafes and take a look at the jewelry stores in the streets of Gümüşlük, put your feet in the sea at any time of the day and have a peaceful time. Especially the sea view is a very good place for those who love ‘walking routes.’ Rabbit Island is located in Gümüşlük, which is the most important feature of the bay. Visiting Karakaya Village can also be an option in Gümüşlük. In the 16th century, locals built it on the ridge of Peksimet Mountain to hide and protect from pirates. While it was abandoned, it attracted the attention of foreign tourists and brought the village back to life 30 years ago. You can stop by to see the view of the sunset and the beautiful stone houses.


This beautiful place, where travelers can go from Bodrum center to Rabbit Island in 50 minutes by car, is connected to Gümüşlük. It’s going to be useful to check the times of the bus before you go. It is very interesting and easy to reach Rabbit Island by walking through the sea. The island has been walking through a passage. At that time, King Mousolos and Artemisia went to this island and fed them living rabbits. Today, even though it’s pretty down, you can easily make a transition by plastering your legs. This island is still home to rabbits, this island has a wonderful view and watching the sunset from here is a very popular activity. You can share food with them and be a guest on their island. Compared to the lively nightlife in Bodrum, families with children can also have a good time here.



Located just outside Bodrum Port, Bardakçı Bay is the ideal place for those looking for an alternative. The beach of this bay is quite clean and its water is warm and nice. The view of the castle and the windmills can be seen from this 300-meter-long beach, which is connected to Eskiçeme. Bardakçı Cove may be preferred, as it includes many accommodation options. There are beachfront restaurants and small pensions as well as luxury hotels. The bay is also regularly visited by boats every day. Its water is like an aquarium, and you can swim here with the fish. However, due to the beach parcels of the hotels here, the free use of the beach is very limited. Although there is a public beach, it is small and insufficient for holidaymakers. While he was living in Bodrum, Zeki Müren had preferred to swim here. Thus, it is also known as the Zeki Müren Bay. You can prefer a taxi instead of driving to the bay, and walking from the hill between the Marina and Gumbet is also a good option.

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This ancient town, also known as Gökçeler Castle, was built 3500 years ago, 4 km from Bodrum. The remaining stones from the foundation of the building, giving us information about the city’s orientation and plan. The area is well maintained. Excavations are continuing today. There are domed tombs at the entrance. The inner castle is an important part of it that has survived to this day. The towers on the high rock are on the east side of the castle. To get here, you’ve got to go through long, narrow roads and pass-through passageways. This ancient city has a large area with marked walking paths where you can spend a long time on foot. Besides history, this is one of the must-visit places for nature lovers.

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